Bo-Mac creates and maintains safe work environments for our employees and customers, helping you mitigate risk, control costs, and avoid project delays. By implementing a value-based safety program based on the fundamental belief that all injuries are preventable and the goal of zero injuries is possible, we have achieved OSHA and EMR rates that give us a competitive edge.


We understand that jobsite safety begins with our own safety culture. We don’t call safety a “priority” because priorities can change. Instead, we regard safety as a constant, core value. Everyone in our organization, from the C-suite to the field, directs their attention and activities to improving safety every day.

For our craft employees, safety training is a continual process that includes:

  • Formal computer-based training (CBT) completed before any job assignment. You’re assured that the Bo-Mac crew shows up to your site completely prepared for the work ahead.
  • Enhanced craft-specific training programs and certification (for example, NCCER Craft Training and Nationally Accredited Crane Operators) that improve productivity while reducing the risk of recordable incidents.
  • Our own pre-job safety orientation in addition to the direction customers provide.
  • Daily onsite safety meetings that cover a variety of topics, conducted by a Bo-Mac supervisor.
  • Continuous training is also part of our field supervision and management program.

Unsafe Conditions/Stop Work Authority

Bo-Mac employees are not only empowered to identify and correct unsafe conditions, it is an expectation. Our employees participate in worksite audits as well as an observation-based program that teaches personnel how to perform their work more safely. Bo-Mac employees are required to execute their Stop Work Authority – without risk of disciplinary action – until the work hazard has been properly resolved.

Client Partnership

Safety begins long before a Bo-Mac employee enters your worksite. By understanding even before we bid on your project what your safety requirements and specifications are, we eliminate the possibility of surprises that could affect your schedule.

We work closely with the safety teams of our customers and subcontractors to bridge any gaps between our safety programs and their own, ensuring a consistent approach to the most stringent program. The safety mitigation and response process starts with pre-mobilization and extends through completion of the project.



“The crew should be commended for their excellent attitude, dedication to their work, quality of operation and overall compliance with the strict Onsite Safety Program that was implemented.”


“BoMac is a secure, confident and growing firm, particularly qualified in areas of Safety and Quality Control.”

-ABB Lummus Global, Inc.

“Your professionalism and willingness to work with us as a team made this job smooth from start to finish.”

-Viteri Construction Management, Inc.

“Your quality of work has set you above the other bidders.”
-Savage Gulf Services, LTD, LLP