About Us


Like many Texans, Bo-Mac has roots in the oil and gas industry.

Incorporated in 1966, the company originally focused on providing civil, pipeline, and other construction services for clients involved in petroleum exploration. In 1974, with the addition of pile driving capabilities, we expanded our primary market to include the oil and gas refining and petrochemical processing industries.

Our next expansion occurred about a decade later, when we added asphalt manufacturing and paving capabilities. However, we sold that portion of the business to focus on the Gulf Coast petrochemical, industrial, and power sectors.

We put the final piece of our current service portfolio, marine piling and dock construction capabilities, in place in 1989.

Today, we have the expertise, capacity and financial strength to provide a large array of civil, piling and marine construction services for any size project, in many types of environments and across a wide geographical range.

Our offices are strategically located in Beaumont, New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Houston. We live in your area, we work in your area, and we understand how to meet your unique needs.

Core Values

Wherever we work and whatever we do, we are guided by these core values:

  • We do what is right
  • Working safely is not optional
  • We fulfill all commitments
  • We want results to exceed expectations
  • We are good stewards of everything entrusted to us
  • We treat everyone with honesty, fairness and respect
  • We plan, communicate, follow through and follow up
  • We desire to improve – mediocrity is not acceptable


“The crew should be commended for their excellent attitude, dedication to their work, quality of operation and overall compliance with the strict Onsite Safety Program that was implemented.”


“BoMac is a secure, confident and growing firm, particularly qualified in areas of Safety and Quality Control.”

-ABB Lummus Global, Inc.

“Your professionalism and willingness to work with us as a team made this job smooth from start to finish.”

-Viteri Construction Management, Inc.

“Your quality of work has set you above the other bidders.”
-Savage Gulf Services, LTD, LLP